Chris Diana-Peebles
Based in Portland, Oregon, USA

Although I am rarely seen on the scene without a camera in front of me, I started life on the other side of the lens. My father was a camera//film//tech-native that was always interested in the latest thing. When I came along he pointed every camera possible at me. Naturally this passion was passed from father to son and as soon as I touched a camera I was hooked for life.

A creative thinker and a gadget tinkerer.


Before Futro I spent my days all over the city with camera in hand capturing stills. As our ambitions grew video capture became my main focus. Futro Records was a way for us all to collaborate and support the community through art a music.

Telling my friend's stories fueled my desire to be a member of the Futro Records Art collective founded in Portland OR in 2011. Covering live events, making music videos, promoting events and creating art installations have all been a part of our process. 

My initiative and drive gave me the blind courage to begin directing filming and editing my own projects with out any formal training.

After completing a program in filmmaking at Portland Community College I have gone on to work with local commercial productions for brands like Adidas, First Tech Federal Credit Union, and Flir. I've also been honored to work with great companies like Kamp Grizzly and R\West. 

Futro Foundation